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What is the Filmaverse?

The Filmaverse is a community of Movie Lovers located in the meta-world with the exotic backdrop of the districts in Vietnam. Explore the hidden gems through this city's main street, back streets, and alleyways. Discover a digital version of yourself as a FROGGY living a surreal life, where the movie characters come alive, and you have to overcome the games' challenges to earn the rewards to live another day - in the Filmaverse. Experience, live, and reap the Rewards or "Die Tryin! "


The Filmaverse is the place for the distribution of short, interactive films. We are working with some of the most prominent Film Directors and the brightest stars in the industry


Top 10 Films in Development

1/ EMBEDDED (Horror)
2/ TRADEOFFS (Action Drama)
3/ BLACK CAT (Psychological Horror)
4/ WELL-FED (Thriller)
5/ NEW GIRL (Drama, Psychological)
6/ BLACK LIST (Crime, Drama)
7/ DATING MOTHER (Comedy Drama)
8/ RE-DOING (Dark Comedy Thriller)
9/ The Bully (Action Drama)
10/ Diary Saigon Gigolo (Drama)

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